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Inventory of John Kinsman, Cordwainer of Stratton. 1702

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k538
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Sep 2009

An Inventory of all and singular the goods and chattles debts and credits of John Kinsman of the parish of Stratton in the County of Cornwall, Cordwainer, lately deceased taken valued and appraised by John Earle and Robert Saunders the first day of March 1702 as followeth:

Imprimis His purse and girdle and wearing apparrel £6 2s
Item In leather and shoes £9 10s 6d
Item In Leases and other things to the trade
5s 2d
Item One chattell lease of one little house £2 1s
Item In pewter £1 1s
Item In pans brass and pots brass and other similar brass things £2 1s 6d
Item In timber vessels
1s 6d
Item Two bedsteads and two feather beds preformed £4

Item Old chest and coffers and old boxes, old chairs and tableboards
6s 6d
Item In salt victualls £1
Item The victuals of the chimney
1s 6d
Item All debts apparent and discovered £2 9s
Item All other things forgotten and not appraised
2s 4d

The sum in total £29 2s 6d

John Earle
Robert Saunders

Last updated 9 February 2012