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Inventory of Christian Kinsman, singlewoman of Poughill. 1683

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k412
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Feb 2012

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattles, debts and credits of Christian Kinsman late of Poughill in the County of Cornwall, singlewoman, lately deceased, taken valued and appraised by Anthony Payne, Nichlas Meagor and Hildiah Bayly all of the parish of Stratton in the County of Cornwall the three and twentieth day of February 1683 as followeth:

Inprimis Her purse and wearing apparrell £3
Item fower little pans and one little kettle £1
Item one little brass pot 5s
Item in Pewter 16s
Item One chest and fower coffers 17s
Item One feather bed, bolster and two Peals £2 10s
Item One coverlet and two blankets £1 6s 8d
Item One dust bed 3s
Item Three sheets and two board clothes £1
Item One bed stead 6s 8d
Item One spit with other iron wares and utensils 4s
Item In Bonds and Bills and desperate debts £43 3s 4d
Item In clene vessels 2s
Item One part of wheat 2s
Item Two **** and other small tymber stuff 3s 4d
Item In wool 2s 6d
Item Other small things not herein before valued nor appraised, we valued in 3s

Sum totalised £55 4s 6d

Anthony Payne

The sine @ of Nichlos Maijer
Hildiah Bayly

Last updated 12 February 2012