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Inventory of John Kinsman, weaver of Kilkhampton. 1636

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k170
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Sep 2009

Inventory of the goods and chattles of John Kinsman of Kilkhampton late deceased valued and praysed by Nathaniell Kinsman, Henry Pearen and Henry Kinsman made the 19th day of November Anno dei 1636:

Imprimis Eight score pounds of wooll and tenn £9 6s 8d
Item One henphew £2

Item Cleet suwne and other small implements
Item One pig
Item One acre of corne in the ground £2

Item Three picks of corn
Item One table board xxxx and xxx and other small things £1

Item One bedstead, a bed, a bolster and chattles belonging thereunto £1

Item His wearing clothes, his girdle and purse and that which was in the purse £1

Item His wood
Item More ten pounds of woole
13s 4d

Sumat £18 7s

Last updated 9 February 2012