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Admon of Nathaniel Kinsman, yeoman of Kilkhampton. Died 1637

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k171
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Dec 2009

Date 7th March 1641/42 (17 Charles I)

The Condition of this present Obligation is such that whereas the Administration of all and singular the goods chattels and debts of Nathaniell Kinsman of Kilkhampton deceased not administrated by Charity [1] his relict and Bridgett Kinsman [2] his daughter and Executrix is granted and committed unto John Ellyott the father in law [3] of Wilmott Kinsman the natural daughter of the said Nathaniel during her minority[4]

If therefore the said John Ellyott do well and truly administer the said goods chattels and debts according to Law, and also do make and pass over or cause to be passed a true right and perfect accompt of and upon the said admon at all time and times when he shall be thereunto lawfully required,

And all such goods chattels and debts as shall remain and be found due upon the said accompt being examined and allowed do well and truly deliver over the same unto the said Wilmott when she shall be of Lawful age to receive the same,

And in the mean time do educate and maintain the said Wilmott with competent meat drink and apparel fit for her degree and calling and especially do defend keep and save harmless the said George Hall his successors assigns and Ministers against all persons whatsoever for granting and writing the said Admon and that without fraud or delay That then this present obligation to be void or else to stand and be in force.

John Elliott

Sealed and delivered by

John Elliott Jnr in presence of

Hadiah Reynolde

Robert Jackman


[1] Charity [Wadland][Kinsman] Elliot died Feb 1641/42

[2] Bridget Kinsman died in 1639

[3] Father in law in this context must mean step-father, i.e. Charity [Wadland] Kinsman had remarried to John Elliot

[4] In 1641 Wilmott would have been 11 years old. The death of her mother in the previous month occasioned this new admon. There should be another admon issued closer to the death of Nathaniel but this has not survivied.

Last updated 9 February 2012