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Inventory of John Kinsman, yeoman of Launcells. 1631

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k139
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Aug 2009
A true inventory of the goods and chattels of John Kinsman of Lansels in the County of Cornwall, yeoman, as it was add prraysed and found out by Barnard Welsford, Degory Vowler, Richard Vowler and Nathaniel Jewell of Lancels in the County aforesaid, yeoman, the 30th of September 1631

Imprimis His wearing apparel and money in his purse £3
Item Two kyne £8 10s
Item Five yearlings £6 13s 4d
Item Five calves £2 5s
Item Four female sheep £2
Item Two piggs 20s
Item Two acres of wheat £4
Item Six acres of oats £5
Item **** pans £4
Item Four brasen crocks £2
Item Two dozen of pewter dishes 20s
Item Three beds preformed £3
Item One press, one chest, one table board, two coffers and one *** £2
Item One table board in the pale, one cubbord and other boards in the same plase 30s
Item Sives and barrells and buckets 20s
Item One muskett ***** 16s
Item His timber at **** in forest and at other places 20s
Item His hay in his hay **** £2
Item His mattocks and shovell pares hanging and brandise and other iron implements 10s
Item His victuals at roofe 10s
Finally For other several things not mentioned 5s
Suma totalis is £52 14s 4d

Last updated 9 February 2012