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Inventory of Richard Kinsman, yeoman of Launcells. 1618

A true inventory of all the goods and chattels of Richard Kinseman of Launcells in the County of Cornwall, yeoman, deceased, taken the 26th of February Anno Domini 1618 and appraised by Symon Short and Nathaniel Jule of Launcells aforesaid, yeomen, as follows:

Imprimis Corn in the Earth £14
Item Ten Sheep £4
Item Three Bullocks of Two years old £4 10s
Item Five yearlings £3
Item Three Oxen £11
Item Four kine  £9
Item One mare £2
Item Two pigs £1 10s
Item Corn in the mow hay £6 13s 4d
Item Hay £1 10s
Item Provisions and victuals in the Salt £3
Item Two cupboards and a press £2
Item Three table boards £1
Item Pans, crocks and Pewter £2 10s
Item Bedsteads and bedding £3
Item *** and Tubs 10s
Item Harrows, plough-stuffs and a Sidelap £1
Item Sacks and a ********** 13s 4d
Item Mattocks, shovels with some other *** stuff £1
Item A cheesewring 5s
Item His wearing apparel and money in his purse £2
Item For other trifling things not mentioned 10s
Summa Totalis £74 11s 8d

Simon: Shortt
Nathaniel Jewel

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