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Inventory of Alice Kinsman, widow of Kilkhampton. 1618

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k67
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Sep 2009

An Inventory of the Goods and Chattels of Alice Kinsman of Kilkhampton in the County of Cornwall praysed by John Rolfe and James Priseth the 6th day of July 1618 as follows:

Item 3 oxen £7 10s
Item 6 kine £13 13s 4d
Item 3 bullocks of 3 years old £4 10s
Item 4 yearlings £2 13s 4d
Item 4 calves £2
Item 2 horses £2
Item 11 sheep £2 13s 4d
Item 8 lambs £1 6s 8d
Item 4 pigs £1 6s 8d
Item Poultry 6s 8d
Item Corn in the mowhay and in the loft £3
Item Corn in the ground, about 1600** £15
Item Barley in ground £2
Item Plough and ploughshare £6
Item Wood and timber £2 6s 8d
Item Vittels to the **** £1
Item Pans, crocks, cauldrons and kettles £3 10s
Item Pewter vessel £1
Item Wooden vessels £1 6s 8d
Item One table board, one cupboard and four **** £1 3s 4d
Item Bed steads and bed sheets £6 13s 4d
Item Working *** *** *** and other equipment £2
Item 1600xx and buttons  and *** £1 3s
Item Her wearing apparel £3 6s 8d
Item Her wearing apparel £3 6s 8d
Sum in 4 ****** £6 9s 8d
Total is not given and document is not signed.      
Actual sum amounts to: £93 19s 4d

Last updated 23 December 2011