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Kingsman Scotland DNA results

Scottish Kinsman Family
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Last update - February 2016

The Scottish Kinsman line starts with a Walter Kinsman, who lived in Aberdour, Fife, probably born around 1600 to 1610 although Scottish records are a bit sparse at that time. Several lines descended from him, most of which died out, but with the notable exception of John Kinsman, a weaver of Dairsie, Fife from whom all known present day Scottish Kinsman descend.

Harry Kinsman, is known only by reference to him on several documents, army records and marriage certificates, of his son Alexander James Kinsman. Alexander was born in 1892 in Toronto, Canada according to his merchant seaman's ID card, but no Canadian record of that birth, or of Harry in Canada has yet been found.

On the other hand, there is an excellent paper trail for the decendants of Ann Kinsman (daughter of John, who married John Rodger in St Andrews, Fife, in 1828. Several descendants of this couple have taken autosomal DNA tests and are good matches on that test for the line of Harry Kinsman. The closeness of those autosomal matches suggests that the most recent common ancestor would be at the generation of John Kinsman.

Most of John's children and grandchildren have been traced and have associated future histories in Scotland. One notable exception to this is his grandson James Kinsman
who was born in 1841, but dissapears from the Scottishe records after the 1861 census. He does not reappear in England and no deat hreocrd for his has been found in the UK.

The current theory is that James emigrated to Canada and is Harry Kinsman's father, but no paper records have yet been found to substantiate this.

As ever, more DNA samples would help a lot, especially from a Kinsman descendant of John of Dairsie.


Last updated 28 February 2016